Chocolate Bread Pudding with Irish Whiskey Butterscotch Cream Sauce

Things We Love

Super Foods

Take our Spinach Salad with Strawberries & Walnuts for instance. It’s populated with three superfoods (spinach, strawberries and walnuts) and tastes as fresh as the spring season. It makes for a light-and-healthy lunch or side salad to enjoy at dinner.

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Perfect Grilled Buffalo Wings


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Eggs in a Garden Breakfast Tart


Time Crunchers

Eggs in a Garden Breakfast Tart

Follow along, and get the recipe here, to create these beautiful and easy Eggs in a Garden tarts. With perfectly cooked eggs and fresh vegetables layered onto a buttery pastry crust, these make an impressive breakfast/brunch treat. 



Cheesy Breakfast Burrito Casserole