Evolving a new phase of collaboration

For 30+ years the Food Channel has brought recipes, trends and reviews to businesses and homes around the world. Now it's time for us to bring our expertise and resources to you.

Are you a Creator? Our doors are open.

Everyday The Food Channel and our behind-the-scenes development kitchens and staff are creating recipes, video tutorials, episodic content and new products. If you shop at a grocery store or eat at a restaurant, chances are you've seen - and tasted - our work. Now it's our chance to see yours.

Your Brand, Your Voice

You’ve found your passion and want to share it with the world. You’ve found your voice and want to roar. Great. www.foodchannel.com can be your microphone. We’ve helped national brands craft their message, create inspired products, and gain exposure. Now we’re offering our services to you. If you’ve made some progress and maybe even some revenue—fantastic! Let’s talk about what’s next. We’re ready to open new doors for amazing creators. The world is looking for quality stories. Perhaps you have one. Or ten. Time to find out.

Expand Your Team

We help with the not-so-fun parts. Our culinary centers are used by top brands, and now can be used by you. Our team of culinary experts, event managers and film and post-- production crews can provide the expertise to grow your brand. And, we’ll not only feature you on the best food URL, Foodchannel.com, our team will make sure your brand reaches your audiences wherever they are: on-air, online and mobile. You’ve already made the commitment to your brand; let us show you how to put the fire under it!

You are one of a kind – join Us!

Whether you just want to watch, engage with us in a question or two, or create content for us to distribute on your behalf, there are lots of ways to have a little fun together. Enjoy our shows. Try out a few of our recipes. Send your own. We can actually help you make money from your passion. Interested in learning more? Join us now!