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Content Submission

Recipes for use on The Food Channel® should be submitted to All recipes must be in consumer quantities and should include an image (300 pixels at 72 dpi; multiple images accepted). They may include branded ingredients/product placement; the recipes can also link to the company site of your choice.


Articles for use on The Food Channel® should be submitted to The Food Channel reserves the right to edit materials for size. Articles are more likely to be placed on the site if they include photography/graphics that help tell the story, and if they link to a recipe; they may also link to the company site of your choice. Articles must tell a relevant food news story — we are looking for that special piece of real food news that solves a problem or changes purchase behavior.

Links policy

If your product or company is mentioned on The Food Channel®, you are free to link back to us. Please do not create a pdf and attach it to your pages without that link. Any use of our logo requires that you link to us, and that you use the downloadable version available here; it may not be distorted or altered in any way other than resized as necessary. Please provide a courtesy notification to us at when you link. You may also link and use the downloadable logo if you are talking about The Food Channel® in your blog or otherwise on your site. The same courtesy requests apply.

Pitches for article content that is not yet written should be sent here. This may include a chef profile, restaurant review, or review of a new menu item. Review copies and food/product samples can be sent to The Food Channel®, 2215 West Chesterfield Blvd., Springfield, MO 65807.

Cookbooks for review by The Food Channel® should be sent to The Food Channel®, 2215 West Chesterfield Blvd., Springfield, MO 65807. Not-for-Profit Fundraising Cookbooks will also be promoted on The Food Channel®, along with the use of three recipes and a link to purchase. An article with background and information about the benefiting organization should be provided here. For an example, see:/sections/2-Articles/stories/44-Haute-Cuisine.

Videos must be pre-produced and hosted on Google Video, YouTube, Zannel, your own site, etc. The embed code should be sent here.

“Other questions?”

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