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Bacon Salt Guys Unleash Bacon Mayo

Duo Continues Quest to Make Everything Taste Like Bacon

By Cari Martens

Several months back, The Food Channel ran a feature article on Bacon Salt, the story of two friends who started a company and product line dedicated to the proposition that ‘Everything Should Taste Like Bacon.’ Now, the Bacon Boys, Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow, are back with a new product, Baconnaise.

Baconnaise is a spreadable, bacon-flavored mayonnaise, available in regular and lite varieties. The “lite” version is said to have half the fat and 1/3 fewer calories than regular mayo.

The wacky bacontrepreneurs decided to launch their new spread in decidedly wacky way. Justin and Dave hosted an evening of Mayonnaise Wrestling at Heaven’s Nightclub in Seattle. In the main event, a giant jar of mayo will grappled with a giant strip of bacon in a ring flooded with 200 gallons of real mayonnaise. Other matches included the Seattle Mudhens women’s rugby team and the Seattle Semi-Pro Wrestling League all-stars.

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