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How to Create Great Party Foods for Allergy Sufferers

Super Bowl parties are a time for treats galore, but for some, the festivities are reminders of all the great foods out there that they can’t enjoy. But food allergy sufferers do have options when it comes to enjoying the big game with some safe and savory menu ideas.

Food to Some, Poison to Others: The Food Allergy Detection Program gives insights into food allergies and provides a wealth of recipes perfect for any occasion.

‘When you suffer from a food allergy, it can be a daunting task to enjoy yourself while trying to analyze every bite that goes in your mouth,’ Traub says. ‘The trick is to find recipes that are safe and enjoyable for everyone at the party. Having an arsenal of go-to recipes for allergy-free party food is key to hosting and attending all of the sports season celebrations.’

The book focuses on educating food allergy suffers exactly what is going on and what is causing the symptoms. After educating readers, Traub outlines in detail several recipes perfect for Super Bowl Sunday or any other occasion.