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I Need a Recipe for Deep Fried Dr. Pepper

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I have been trying to find recipe for deep fried Dr. Pepper. Can you help?


We do not have that recipe, but based on our reports surrounding the Texas State Fair, it’s made with a batter (probably like a funnel cake batter) that is flavored with either Coke or Dr. Pepper (do not use diet, from what we’ve read – and if you are deep frying, what’s the point anyway!). The batter is deep fried and then Coke fountain syrup is drizzled on it (meaning you need access to the fountain mix). It’s then topped with whipped cream, cinnamon sugar and a cherry. The creator makes it in doughnut hole shape, piles a quantity in a glass, and serves it with a fork.

Here are a couple of other links that might help, including a video from The Today Show.

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