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The One That Got Away: Remaining Sorapots Liquidate at a Premium Price

Joey Roth, designer and the creative genius behind such products as the felt mouse and ceramic speakers, recently announced that Sorapot Version 2, a completely re-imagined teapot, would be released in a few months.  After news broke on Twitter, there was a rush to acquire the original “last of their kind” Sorapot teapots and they soon began selling at nearly $100 over the average retail price on  At the time this article was written, there were very few available. (Update: At the time of article publication, the remaining Sorapots available through Amazon were sold out.)

Although the teapot has received some highly critical reviews regarding it's functionality and ease of use, it hasn't dampened the popularity of the product among art aficionados and foodies.  The Sorapot even made it into Katy Perry’s highly anticipated music video to her hit single “The One that Got Away.”  Released exclusively via YouTube on November 11, the video tallied over 8.5 million views in the first 72 hours further fueling what seemed to be a futile search for the “futuristic teapot.”

We checked our sources and found the product listed as available through Horne, Metropolitan Décor, Modern Lighting Décor, Accent Outlet, and Uncommon Goods; however, no word on what the current inventory levels are, if any.  For those in the hunt, there may still be a last shot to own a piece of pop culture history, or it may simply be “the one that got away.”