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Parents Quick & Easy Kid Friendly Meals

Deciding what you want to eat is easy, and even enjoyable. However, planning a meal for your entire family is a whole new ball game, especially when young children and picky eaters are involved. Creating cost-efficient meals that satisfy the needs of toddlers, teens, and adults has proven to be a challenge, especially with the concern for nutritional value growing rapidly. Luckily, Parents Quick & Easy Kid Friendly Meals has come to the rescue with over one hundred recipes that are fast, fun, and focused on fulfilling the needs of the entire family.

The creative concoctions found in this cookbook are not only fun to eat; they are fun to make, too! Who said parents don’t like to play with their food? Make whole-grain toast cut into a jigsaw puzzle for breakfast, and kids will get the nutrients they need while stimulating their brains before school. The dinner section includes fun-shaped foods as well, such as the Butterfly Shrimp Skewers. Or, try making popular favorites, like the Low-Maintenance Lasagna or Healthy Carbonara, for a dish that everyone will enjoy.

Not only does this cookbook dedicate a chapter to each mealtime, but it includes an abundance of nutritional side notes that will leave you feeling good about what you’re putting on the table. Every recipe is complete with the nutrition per serving, and throughout the book you’ll find nutrition notes; tips, tricks, and fun facts to know when shopping for and preparing various foods.

Parents Quick & Easy Kid Friendly Meals has both the recipes and pointers necessary to begin promoting a healthy-lifestyle to tots and encouraging it in both teenagers and your spouse as well. Make cooking fun again when you open up this parent-approved book!