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Pump Iron While Eating

Hot & Cool Food Trends

The classic solution for those wanting to lose weight has always been “Eat less, exercise more.” Now perhaps you can do both simultaneously with the help of a unique set of “fitness” cutlery that doubles up as dumbbells.

The chrome knife and fork will give your muscles a workout—they weigh in at a bit over 2 lbs. each, while the spoon tips the scales at nearly 5 pounds.

Firebox, the U.K. online seller of the handmade cutlery, calls the set the perfect aid for “gluttons in need of a workout.” Fitness expert Erak Simsson, who runs an online coaching website, credits the offbeat workout product for raising awareness of health and fitness. “As for its effectiveness, a lot will depend on what’s on the end of the fork or spoon,” Simsson says. “A pizza slice alone can contain 250 calories so you’d have to do a lot of exercise to work it off.” (But, wait a minute, Erak. Who eats pizza with a knife and fork?)

Those considering purchase should note, however, that the heavyweight cutlery comes with a heavy price. The set cost about £70 (or a little over $110 USD) from Firebox. But, hey, shipping is free at least.

Dining with dumbbells? Well, yeah, I’ve done that before. But that was a whole different deal.

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