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A Restaurant’s Revenge: Audio Clips of Bad Yelp Reviews Heard in the Toilet

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Restaurants, for the most part, have come to loathe the web site Yelp. Owners and chefs of nice establishments feel they’re kind of being held hostage by these often snarky wannabe restaurant critics.

One restaurant has found a unique new way of fighting back. Craft & Commerce in San Diego has begun broadcasting audio clips of some of the very worst Yelp reviews it has received…in the restrooms.

That’s right, while customers are relieving themselves in the toilet, they get to hear spoken-word recordings of lousy Yelp reviews. It would appear that Craft & Commerce feels this would be the most appropriate venue where these reviews should be heard.

Eateries might as well learn to live with Yelp, because it’s going to be around for a good long while. The site now claims 84 million unique visitors a month and its app is accessed by more than 8 million unique mobile devices each month. And while many of the reviews received by Craft & Commerce are positive, it’s the negative ones that really sting.

At least now the restaurant has found a way to let those snarky reviewers know what they think of them: (they stink).

You can visit the Restaurant Hospitality magazine website to view some of the spoken-word versions of the crappy reviews that are currently being played in the C&C johns.

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