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Ritz Celebrates 75th Anniversary with "Mock-nificent" New Recipes

Offers Modern Variations on Classic Mock Apple Pie Recipe

Original Ritz Mock Apple Pie

Ritz crackers, the iconic, crispy, buttery cracker that families (and Andy Griffith) have enjoyed for generations, is celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year.

Ritz crackers have long been an integral part of entertaining at home; in fact, the brand claims, a box of Ritz can be found in one out of every three homes in America.

As part of this diamond anniversary occasion, the folks from Ritz crackers have introduced new twists on one of the brand’s most well-known and best-loved Ritz cracker recipes, the ‘Mock Apple Pie.’ Yep, that’s the apple pie that, curiously, doesn’t contain any apples.

The recipe for Ritz Mock Apple Pie began appearing on Ritz packaging not long after the product hit store shelves in 1934. Now, the sweet, simple dessert, with the taste, texture and look of apple pie is being rejuvenated through two new variations to the classic recipe – Ritz Upside Down Mock Apple Pie and Ritz Chocolate Walnut Mock Apple Pie. Amazingly, the recipes still don’t call for apples!

If you haven’t ever tried a Ritz Mock Apple Pie before, this anniversary year is a good time to give it a shot. Amaze your family. Fool your friends…with the apple pies without apples.

We have the recipes for you here:

Original Ritz Mock Apple Pie

Ritz Upside Down Mock Apple Pie

Ritz Chocolate Walnut Mock Apple Pie