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Wild Turkey Ad Says ‘Give ’em the Bird’

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Bourbon sales are booming and some distilleries are getting downright cocky about it.

The makers of Wild Turkey have produced a TV commercial that’s a bit too edgy for most TV outlets. It’s available for viewing online, though, and it’s pretty funny.

The ad features a lovely young woman seated at the bar being admired by a couple of dudes who are debating whether or not she’d welcome the one guy’s advances. Seemingly she answers “no” with a flip of her middle finger.

But apparently that's not what she's signaling. She’s merely ordered the guy a Wild Turkey (the bird…get it?).

We wonder how bartenders feel about this new pitch. Will they be getting flipped off on a regular basis now?

The ad reflects the new hipness of bourbon in general going on right now--not just in the U.S., but around the globe. Small batch premium and super premium bourbons, especially, are super trendy among the twenty- and thirty-something crowd. So much so that Kentucky distilleries, where 95 percent of the world’s bourbon is produced, are scrambling to keep up. Expansion efforts are underway with an estimated $150 million spend on new construction.

Ordering a drink with a flip of the bird seems to fit right in with this attitude and trend.

Check out the commercial.

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