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The Food Channel is an original content creation & media company. Its brand extends beyond the website (www.foodchannel.com) into magazines, newspapers, and broadcast. Its products include articles, opinion, webisodes, and full-length shows shot in high definition. We bring food knowledge—trends, stories, recipes, products and show—to people in an entertaining way.

We are both author and finder of original talent, giving others a place for publication. While we originate and develop content, we also provide the electronic media to deliver and display the content online and via mobile. We work with other publishers to take our content to print, radio and TV.

Our Mission

Largest Fork in the World

The Food Channel is a media company that is in the business of creating and publishing original content in order to provide food knowledge to the world. That means we:

  1. Develop new recipes and insights into food, at times using new products on the market or offering menu innovation based around trends
  2. Test food and food-related products to evaluate and rank the "best"
  3. Offer our knowledge through foodchannel.com and its affiliates

Our Audience

Our audience is built around people who enjoy food and want to know more. We provide an authoritative resource for food trends, tested recipes, and a far-seeing view of new ideas.

Our Culture

We are visionary, hospitable, social, and challenging to each other. We are professional and experienced and still entrepreneurial. There is a feeling of personal responsibility for operating a financially successful business that continues to celebrate the fun of food.

We live, breath and eat food every day, and enjoy sharing our knowledge with others. We are passionate about food, and appreciate others who share that passion. It’s why people return to the site—to influence, contribute to, learn from, gain inspiration, and be part of the experience around great food.

Our Credentials

  • 40+ years in the food business, working with name brands and building our food knowledge, resources, talent and facilities in order to give us an edge in what’s hot & “cool” in food consumption today
  • Credibility as a source of food knowledge – the trends pieces, for example, are picked up widely (68 million reach in ad expressions); we provide recipe content to Meredith Publishing’s recipe.com, etc.
  • The Food Channel has become well-respected as an industry leader, invited to speak at various conferences, including the Chain Operator’s Exchange (COEX), the National Chicken Marketing Council, and on panels at the National Restaurant Association


The Food Channel has earned a number of accolades during its existence as an online site, including a 2011 Tasty Award nomination for our Beneath the Surface: Gulf Seafood’s Fight for Survival documentary, as well as a 2011 nomination for our Mixology series in the category Best Drink or Beverage Program/Web. We received a “We Love This Site” award from popular blogging site on the Real Girls Media Network, DivineCaroline.com. The Food Channel was also a finalist in the Best Use of Photography category of the Glam Choice Awards. Our best award, though, is a site user who relies on us for great information about food. After all, we've been around for years—from this early logo used in both a print and an online version, to our current presence across all screens—and we appreciate you being a part of The Food Channel as it continues to grow.

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