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Our Philosophy

The Food Channel has had many opportunities simply because our name was well established even before food TV became popular. It’s a good name brand. And it’s our intent to live up to that good name. Therefore, we have established, in the words of Google, “ten things we know to be true.”

  1. People will always need food, and with that comes a need for knowledge. Fads come and go; trends help businesses plan, so we focus on food trends and food knowledge presented in an entertaining way.
  2. Our revenue model is based around traffic. We want to be found, and develop relationships with other companies and bloggers who have an audience they are willing to share with foodchannel.com.
  3. We believe in the integration of media, meaning that when we do a program for TV, there will be a Web version and additional stories, recipes and insights found online and in mobile platforms.
  4. We believe in social media, and in being responsive to the people who follow us and respectful to the people we follow. And we do mean "people" – we aren't into corporate culture. People who tweet and post on Facebook for us inject their own opinions, habits, activities and ideas.
  5. User experience makes the difference. Therefore, we continually update the back end of our site to improve speed, search, and add new features based on what users tell us they want. Believe us, we get mail for other food sites—we know what people are complaining about and what they are asking to see, and we work hard to deliver.
  6. Strategic planning is there for a reason, and we try for a balance between "ready, aim, fire" and "fire, ready, aim." Technology and information moves fast, and so we desire to be nimble enough to respond without getting off track into areas we have no business getting into. Our business is spreading food knowledge, pure and simple.
  7. Original content is king, queen, and most of the royal family. It's what ensures that journalism doesn’t die, and that standards remain high, because there is competition within original content. We strive to be among the best, while at the same time admiring the creativity and brilliance of many of the food writers and content producers out there. We are not interested in aggregating; we are interested in giving a bigger microphone to people with brilliance to share.
  8. Brilliant people are easily bored, so we try to find the balance. We like to keep things moving, introduce new concepts and programs, and encourage the implementation of new ideas—but we give you time to get comfortable with a little bit of routine, too. Sometimes we stretch ourselves and our site users into doing something none of us have done before. It beats boredom.
  9. We believe that if we have fun and enjoy what we are doing —if we are truly and personally passionate about it—that will come across to people and they will revel in being a part of it. We want our jobs to be among the most coveted jobs around and we love it when someone says, "You must have the best job in the world." Yes, we do.
  10. We believe in beauty. Beautiful photos, video, words. It's how we convey food knowledge the best, by catching people's breath with the sheer enjoyment of it all. Pictures do, indeed, tell a thousand words, so we strive to make them good ones.

That’s it—our philosophy. Those ten ideas are what center us and enable us to continue to build our site and work toward our goal of being the first place people come to for true food knowledge. Stay tuned; there's always more to come.