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  1. We produce daily content for the website, FoodChannel.com
  2. We produce Shows in high def video that are available on our YouTube channel as well as through various partners
  3. The Food Channel keeps a daily watch on the food trends that shape what goes on our plates and into our mouths. Our trend watchers work in partnership with CultureWaves® and its comprehensive World Thought Bank, a repository of insights and innovations on just about anything in life—entertainment, design, technology, well-being, and, yes, food trends. To keep up with the what's happening—and what’s going to happen next—in the world of food, check out The Food Channel’s Hot & Cool Food Trends.
  4. We offer a Food Channel Store with artisan and products that foodies love
  5. We produce three newsletters, FoodWire® and TrendWire®, plus one geared to Food Channel contest alerts
  6. We are active in social media with a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and beyond
  7. We offer a widget platform for sites that wish to carry our daily content
  8. We have several e-books available for download:
    1. 100 Dessert Recipes from The Food Channel
    2. Blogger’s Guide to Etiquette
    3. The Night Before Christmas Cookie (a children’s story)
  9. We have a proprietary database structure for recipes & recipe library
  10. We have an image photo library and a video library of shows
  11. We have Food Channel branded products in conjunction with
    • International Food Futurists™
    • American Culinary Gardens™

That’s it—our philosophy. Those ten ideas are what center us and enable us to continue to build our site and work toward our goal of being the first place people come to for true food knowledge. Stay tuned; there's always more to come.